How to activate the Dark theme on Android Pie

Use the Night light feature on your Android Smartphone to use it in dim light. The feature changes the light of your Android device, makes it yellowish, and makes it more comfortable to use the phone in the dark. The dark mode also protects your eyes from light and helps you to sleep more comfortably. You can also enable the dark mode on an individual app.

How to activate the Dark Theme on Android Pie

Also known as Android 9, Android Pie is the newest Android version released recently. The Pie version comes with lots of new features. The operating system also has some battery saving feature like Adaptive Battery and Dark theme.

1.    Enter into the ‘Settings’ of your Pie device.

2.    Go to ‘Display’ settings.

3.    Tap and expand the ‘Advanced’ option.

4.    Tap on ‘Device theme.’

5.    On the pop-up menu, select ‘Dark.’

You’ll see the app drawer, notification panel, and other places in the dark theme. This will also enhance the battery performance of the phone.

To restore the default theme:

1.    Repeat the above steps and go to ‘Device theme.’

2.    Select ‘Automatic/Light’ which you want.

How to activate dark mode on your Android Messages

If you’re using the official Android Messages app, then you can enable the dark mode to chat in the darkness or in the night to prevent eye strain.

1.    Open the Android ‘Messages’ app.

2.    Open ‘More option’ menu.

3.    From the options, tap ‘Enable dark mode.’

That’s it! The dark mode will activate. If you’re not getting the dark mode option on your app, make sure it is up to date. If you want to get the previous version back, repeat the above steps and tap ‘Disable dark mode.’

How to activate the dark theme on Google’s Phone app

You can change the white interface of your Phone app to the dark, here’s how.

1.    Open the ‘Phone’ app on your device.

2.    Open ‘More option’ menu.

3.    Open ‘Settings’.

4.    Select ‘Display options’.

5.    Scroll down to bottom.

6.    Use the switch next to ‘Dark theme.’

7.    Turn on the switch on to use the dark theme.

8.    Turn off to disable.

How to activate Night Light mode on your Android

If the option is available in the notification panel, you can enable it directly from there. If it is not, then you need to do it from the settings. Here both methods are given with simple steps.

How to enable the Night light mode from the Notification panel

To add the Night light mode button in the notification panel:

1.    Open the ‘Notification’ panel.

2.    Tap the ‘Pencil/edit’ icon.

3.    Tap and hold the ‘Night light’ button.

4.    Drag and add it to notification options.

Now, activate and deactivate the feature from the notification panel.

1.    Open the ‘Notification’ panel.

2.    Tap the ‘Night light’ button to activate and deactivate the feature.

How to enable the Night light mode from settings

1.    Open ‘Settings’.

2.    Open ‘Display’ settings.

3.    Select ‘Night light.’

4.    Toggle the sliding button of “Night Light” to turn the feature on and off.

5.    Move the slider of “Intensity” to adjust intensity. That’s it! Use the feature to protect your eyes and save battery.

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